The Rise and fall (and rise) of Instafam

In the past two weeks I've noticed quite a few posts on accounts I follow about the rise and fall, rise and fall (you get my point) of Instagram followers and how much these figures seem to change continuously. This weekend I didn't post anything for 48 hours and I lost maybe 20 followers. That's… Continue reading The Rise and fall (and rise) of Instafam


One for the Road?

After the disaster of our first holiday Mr M and I decided to be spontaneous (in as much as you can be with twins which realistically means planning in minute detail) and go out for dinner last Friday night. Just the two of us together having warm food, conversation and wearing clean(ish) clothes. We try… Continue reading One for the Road?


Energy. It's all around us. All consuming. Einstein was undoubtedly a genius creating an equation to define it. Shall I tell what Einstein definitely wasn't? A parent of twins. I'd go so far in fact to state that I doubt Einstein would have been able to have created his infamous formula if he'd been kept… Continue reading E=mc2